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Reform Physical Therapy - Branding

Reform Physical Therapy is unique - while many PT places double or triple book patients so that they all overlap, and therefore don't get constant 1-1 attention, Reform Physical Therapy only books 1-1 appointments with their amazing staff.

I was excited to be commissioned to create their logo and branding system, and additionally, their website, business card, and some signage and swag packaging!

The final brand mockup with logo usage and a website preview.

We went through a design exploration process where I got to know the owner, his business goals, and how he envisioned the new brand. I used Figma for collaboration and collected inspiration, ideas, and finally, used it to add the different options that we were discussing and add notes on each one. Below is a screenshot of our final Figma board!

The final logo reflected a choice to go for a nice, clean logo that represented fire and cleansing/strengthening imagery that brought with it, along with strong letterforms for the full name of the clinic!

Final logo and icon!